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Communal Harmony Event Date :Jan 4th, 2018 Updated on :Jan 4th, 2018 Total Video :4
Description :St Joseph’s celebrated communal harmony week from 23rd to 28th October 2017 under the able guidance of our honorable Principal Sr. Veena D’Souza. The Josephite family enthusiastically participated in various activities. All the activities were very enjoyful and creative On Monday 23rd October we had an interclass bulletin board decoration competition for classes 2nd to 10th all the students participated with great zeal and fervor. Colours create, enhance, changes, and establish the mood of painting. So on Tuesday we had collage making competition for all the classes and Rangoli competition for senior houses in which the theme of communal harmony was brought out in a beautiful and colorful way. On Wednesday, we had moral science skit for class 9th based on communal harmony. On Thursday we had M.sci skit for class 10th.Through the skit competitions held for class 9th and 10th students were successful in spreading the message of oneness, unity and brotherhood On Friday, children used their paint brushes to make posters. We also had intercourse bulletin board decoration competition. Many students participated energetically in intercom assembly held during the week. On Saturday the celebration concluded with grand assembly. The program began with the prayer followed by prayer song. The bond of communal harmony was forged into a stronger one with a depiction of various religious symbols in the form of human chain made by students of class 6th. The various symbols merged into a dove delivering a message of peace. White balloons were released by Sr. Principal giving the message of peace. In her message she urged t he children to live together peacefully and congratulated all the ones who helped in various activities throughout the week. The children witnessed and learnt the core lesson of communal harmony week that everyone is equal.