Vice Principal's Message

St. Joseph’s Bathinda beams with joy and life day by day as the young learners enter joyfully its portals to be like their patron righteous and trust worthy.
As I first arrived at school on 3rd July 2017, I was thrilled and over whelmed with joy to be warmly welcomed by the host of students, Galaxy of Knowledgeable faculty members and Sisters. I experienced a sense of satisfaction as the students and teachers were cordial and respectful though the weather is sultry and josphites have learnt the art of weathering the weather and I felt the positive vibes everywhere. Students are well informed and enthusiastically participate in the scholastic, non-scholastic and sport activities. They explore, invent all the possibilities to become human and humane persons. In this digital world everything is available at the click of a button we all are racing, where we are racing? Multimedia has imprisoned us in between the four walls thus we have no time to spend our children. Let’s invest some time to be with our children and find out what’s that they are lacking, when we spent time with them we come to know their needs & aspirations and the children feel that they are loved wanted & accepted. Saint Mother Teresa speaks of different kinds of hunger. “She says the hunger for love is more difficult to remove than hunger for bread."
Children may be deprived of love affection, care and may behave mischievously in order to draw the attention. So let’s encourage them to read good books, acquire more knowledge, develop scientific temper, remain connected to God and fellow human beings & nation. I wish all the students enriching and fruitful time in the school for bright future. May God journey with us.

Sr. Joyce
Vice Principal