Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. Since its inception, Bethany Educational Society has metamorphosed the lives of millions through its Community Service. Bethany sisters wholeheartedly practice what Bethany Core Values preach. The spark of education becomes a sacred fire when winds of compassion blow. The students, along with scholastic enrichment, are infused with the passion for community service too. To instill the essence of universal brotherhood in the young citizens, the school observes 'The Joy of Giving Week’ annually. The students exhibit the higher values of life by showing their care for the less fortunate poor world. The students show their magnanimity by contributing benevolently. The ecstatic joy reaches its zenith when the students distribute the essentials to the needy which brings a warm smile on their faces.

The light of education illuminates all the dark corners. Under the guiding light of the ideals of Father RFC Mascarenhas, the school runs evening classes for the promising students and dropouts of the neighboring slums. In the prevailing tough times of Covid-19 pandemic where people are suffering physically, mentally and financially, the school team embarked on a humanitarian sojourn and reached out to the drooping souls of about two hundred families in and around the city. In the hard times, the families were provided with the basic necessities. It is the power of prayer, which makes the Josephites compassionate towards the needy and they voluminously donate for relief funds in case of any natural calamity.