Fee is to be remitted in three instalments, in the Canara Bank and State Bank of Patiala, Civil Lines, Bathinda.
The parents are free to pay the fee of the whole year either in the beginning of the year or in three instalments as given below:

Maintenance and Annual charges to be paid within three days after the declaration of result-

1st Instalment

(April, May, June) to be paid on or before April 15th

2nd Instalment

(July, August, September, October and November) to be paid by July 10th

3rd Instalment

(December, January, February and March) to be paid by December 10th


  • The bankers will collect the fee from 1st to 10th day of each month only except April. No fee will be collected on the 11th.
  • The dates will be strictly observed and if the payment is not done in time, a fine of Rs. 75/- per month will be charged after due date.
  • If the fee is not paid for two instalments the pupil's name is automatically struck-off the rolls and re-admission may not be easily granted.
  • The Admission Fee is to be paid only at the time of new admission.
  • Parents/Guardians will kindly preserve the receipts issued to them and produce them in proof of payment of fee when needed