St Joseph was the Just Man
By his Constant Fidelity- An Effect of Justice,
By his Perfect Discretion- A Sister to Prudence,
By his Upright Conduct- A Mark of Strength
And By his Inviolable Chastity- A Flower of Temperance
-St Albert the Great

It is a blissful experience to enter the portals of St Joseph’s Convent Sen. Secondary School and be a part of this Institution to further the mission of our dear Bethany which was embarked in the North Indian Plains by our pioneering sisters after the dream of our Revered Founder Msgr RFC Mascarenhas- the Servant of God.

Humanity in this post pandemic has undergone crisis and has risen bravely from the trauma of COVID- and education is the key to open new horizons flickering hope and courage to march onward as physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally healthy human beings.

In imitation of our Patron, the Father and Protector and Trustworthy Guardian -St Joseph let us endeavor to cultivate an upright conduct and grow in perfect discretion to make this school a place of justice, prudence, inner-strength and discipline along with quality learning and enhance the esteem of being a true Josephite.

We are a family, thus everyone is an imperative member of this entity. Let’s admire, appreciate and support each other counting the blessings of the Almighty and work for God’s greater glory.

May St Joseph bless us all!