Event Date : 14 Nov, 2019
 Description: Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast. The fullness of life is only accessible in the present moment. Only by owning who and what you are can you step into the fullness of life. The theme of the Annual function of St Joseph’s Convent Senior Sec School held on 14th November 2019 was “Open the door to the fullness of life.” The tiny tots of the K.G block and the young minds of the primary wing mesmerized the audience with foot-tapping dances, melodious welcome song and nukkad natak along with a play depicting the Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark was a connotation of destruction, creation and recreation witnessed by the parents. Many malicious practices like child abuse, gender inequality, corruption and influence of social media still prevailing in the society were showcased through the talents of the children to eradicate these vicious activities. Through their performance, the children exhibited the spiritual and legendary wisdom of Father R.F.C Mascarenhas depicting the victory of light over darkness and opening the doors to the fullness of life. The School was decorated elegantly. A grand stage had been set up with professional sound system. Power of good governance and edification was on full display. Great excitement and hurried activities were visible all around. If talent and hard work meets together that results in success. The Annual Day show was a spectacular event. Mass participation of the students from class L.K.G to V was encouraged. The small kids performed with great enthusiasm and gusto which exhibited their great potential. The sequence of events was awesome, flow was effortless and presentation was marvellous. The different items showed kids displaying, appealing and reiterating the need for us to awaken and be responsible and sensible towards the kids and the society and ultimately to the nation. The show held the audience in awe and left them enlightened as it culminated. The performances given by the children were breath – taking. Right from the beginning to the end there was not a drop in their energy level. Sr. Helima B. S the Assistant Provincial Superior of Northern Province and also the Coordinator of Education congratulated the Principal Sr. Veena D’Souza and the K.G. head Mistress Sr. Zelie as well as the Primary Head Mistress Sr. Nancy under whose guidance the whole show was organised. On the whole, teamwork and great efforts by one and all led to this astounding and dazzling show.