Sports don't build character, They reveal it.' -Heywood Broun Go Back
 Event Date : 11 Mar, 2023
 Description: If there is one field of life which teaches us the most valuable lessons about perseverance, patience in fact what constitute a perfect character,it is sports. On 11th of March 2023, St Joseph's Convent Senior Secondary School, Bathinda organised the 'Sports Day' for class 12th. There were many events that were carried out parallellely which included race, basketball and football. The students competed against each other in all these sports. The 'Tug O War' is an event which demands brute strength, sheer endurance and an excellent team coordination, it was definitely the most anticipating event of the day. The day was filled with lot of excitement along with thrills and cheers. It was really refreshing, entertaining and enjoyable day.. Students and teachers thanked Sr. Ophilia (The Principal) and Sr. Navina (The Vice Principal) for their concern n support.