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 Event Date : 31 Mar, 2023
 Description: What is it that makes Saint Joseph revered by all? He became the legal father of the Saviour of the World Lord Jesus Christ, and the spouse of the Mother of Jesus. But his greatness does not lie only in these incredible privileges. He was a great man, because of the choices he made in life. His greatness is primarily on account of his moral righteousness and obedience to the will of God. Walking in his footsteps, being obedient, making great sacrifices and selflessness are the virtues that are instilled in the children of our institution. 19th March is observed as the Feast of Saint Joseph. The entire Josephite family celebrated this day on 31st March, 2023. Students of class 10th depicted the life of “father and Protector” of “God made Man”, most artistically through a skit. Dances and songs along with the skit made the celebration meaningful.