Empowering Students: Good Touch and Bad Touch Awareness Go Back
 Event Date : 07 Jul, 2023
 Description: A session was conducted by social stalwart of the region Mrs. Anamika Sandhu, founder of ‘Ek Soch Welfare Society' enlightening students about the most crucial topic concerning the safety of children. The objective of the session was to educate students about good touch and bad touch, enabling them to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate physical contact, and empowering them to take appropriate action if they encounter an uncomfortable situation. The guest speaker emphasized the importance of personal safety and the right to feel safe and respected.The topic was discussed giving examples of bad touch, such as unwanted touching of private body parts, inappropriate tickling, forced hugs, or any physical contact that feels uncomfortable or violates personal boundaries. Students were made to recognize warning signs of bad touch, such as feeling scared, uneasy, or uncomfortable, sudden changes in mood or behavior, or physical reactions like trembling or sweating. Students were taught to say "no" firmly and loudly if they encounter a bad touch. Students were motivated to report incidents to trusted adult, teacher, parent, or school counselor, and assure them that they will be supported and believed.