Event Date : 28 Nov, 2023
 Description: Grandparents Day at our school was a heartwarming celebration that seamlessly blended tradition and festivity. As the event unfolded, the auditorium echoed with laughter and joy. The festivities commenced with a delightful welcome dance performed by the students, a rhythmic embrace of cultures that set the tone for the day. Adding a touch of Diwali splendor, a captivating tableau depicting the Festival of Lights adorned the stage. The tableau not only showcased the vibrant spirit of Diwali but also conveyed a thoughtful message about preserving the environment by abstaining from firecrackers. The grandeur of the performance was accentuated by the genuine smiles on the faces of our beloved grandparents who thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the celebration. Their presence added a special warmth to the occasion, creating lasting memories of love, tradition, and shared joy.