Sports Day Celebrations Go Back
 Event Date : 02 Dec, 2023
 Description: The school's sports day celebration on December 1st and 2nd brought an energetic vibe as students from classes 6 to 11 showcased their athletic prowess. The occasion was graced with the presence of Lt. Col Rajeev Sen Roy as the Chief Guest . In his speech ,he encouraged the students to participate in sports events to build stamina, team spirit and persistence. The sprawling field was alive with the spirit of competition and camaraderie as participants engaged in various track and field events. From spirited 100 m races to high-spirited hurdles race the students exhibited not only their physical agility but also their teamwork. The air echoed with cheers and applause from classmates and teachers, creating an encouraging atmosphere. The event not only emphasized the importance of physical fitness but also fostered a sense of unity among the students, making it a memorable and enjoyable occasion for everyone involved.