Shubhamastu: A Radiant Farewell (CLASS XII) Go Back
 Event Date : 27 Jan, 2024
 Description: “Shubhamastu”, meaning “May Good Things Happen,” perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the farewell to our beloved class XII.The event commenced with a warm welcome, and a soulful prayer by respected Vice Principal, Sr. Navina Pinto. The students, adorned in their elegant attire, reflected on their transformative journey.The juniors showcased their kaleidoscope of talent through dance, music and drama performances dedicated to their seniors. The farewell party reached its pinnacle during the distribution of personalized mementos and yearbook. The highlight of the “Shubhamastu” was undoubtedly the inspiring speech delivered by our esteemed Principal Sr. Ophilia Lobo. Sister urged the departing students to carry the values instilled within them into the broader world as each student will be reflecting his/her institution on a whole. Amidst laughter and tears, the farewell party also provided a platform for the departing seniors to express their gratitude. “Shubhamastu “ was more than a farewell: it was a morning of inspiration, reflection, and the promise of a bright tomorrow.