Event Date : 20 Apr, 2024
 Description: On 20th of April 2024, a six hour Teacher's training ‘Up Skilling Programme' was convened by the school management as per the norms of CBSE. Dr. Fr. Shinoj Kizhakkemuriyil TOR, National President of All India Association Of Catholic Schools, New Delhi was cordially invited to equip the faculty members with in depth cognizance about Psycho spirituality and interpersonal relationships. In this awareness session he articulated about the last great unexplored continent- the human mind, 90/10 % principle, understanding of the existential questions, emotional factors which hinder our growth and how to wipe away pessimistic and harmful encoding. The session was humorously interactive and was espoused with inspiring stories. Educators were acquainted with the knowledge to view the situations from a different perspective, broaden their vision especially while dealing with young minds from disparate backgrounds.