Event Date : 27 Apr, 2024
 Description: On the 27th of April 2024, the students of classes 4 and 5 embarked on an enriching educational journey. Beginning at 5:30 am with the blessings of Almighty God, the students were brimming with energy and excitement. Arriving at Kapurthala at 9:30 am, they indulged in a delightful breakfast before proceeding to the IRCTC Rail Coach Factory for a fascinating three hour tour. Witnessing the intricate process of coach construction left the students in awe of the massive machinery and craftsmanship involved. They even had a chance to step inside the luxurious coaches, experiencing firsthand comfort of their interiors. The adventure continued at Science City, where students explored various sections, enjoying activities like laser shows, aircraft simulators, and 3-D exhibits. From models of the Earth to astronomical wonders, wildlife displays, and mathematical challenges, the experience was both stimulating and educational. It provided a unique opportunity for the students to delve into the realms of science and technology, leaving them with lasting memories and valuable insights.