Event Date : 28 May, 2024
 Description: A one day Capacity Building workshop was held for the entire faculty of St Joseph’s. The three resource persons were the staff members, who had already been trained through a workshop organised by CBSE. The theme of this program was ART INTEGRATION. Various forms of ‘arts’ were discussed and how these can be incorporated in the curriculum of each subject was the essence of this workshop. Teachers were segregated as per their subjects and activities were conducted. Each group performed an activity based on a topic from their own subject. A questionnaire was given to each group, which was in turn filled by them. How to make the classroom teaching more interesting and effective, was discussed at length. All the teachers participated whole heartedly in the activities and also executed their respective topics very creatively and enthusiastically. Overall, it was an extremely productive and an informative session. Certainly it was a very enriching experience for each and every staff member of St Joseph’s.