Adieu adieu! Dear Sr Veena …… Go Back
 Event Date : 23 Jul, 2021
 Description: “Goodbyes make us reflect. They make us realize what we have gained, what we have lost and what we have taken for granted”. Bidding Adieu is the most difficult part of any journey. In an emotionally surcharged atmosphere the School bid farewell to the outgoing Principal Sr Veena on 23.7.2021. The Vice Principal Sr Shanti along with the staff members organized a farewell program to express our love and gratitude to Sr Veena and to bid adieu to her. The program commenced at 03:15 pm in the School Library. The outgoing Principal was escorted by the sisters and teachers to the colorfully and beautifully decorated venue. She was welcomed with beautiful roses and good wishes. A lovely welcome bouquet was offered to her by Mr Dev Anoop. The function began with a prayer for Sr Veena and a soulful prayer song invoking God’s blessing upon everyone. The program proceeded with words of appreciation, praise and gratitude by Sr. Shanti the Vice Principal, Sr.Jeevanlata and Mrs Smriti. A Graceful dance was performed by the dance teacher. Self-composed song was sung depicting the qualities of Sr.Veena. Melodious farewell songs were sung by the school choir. The support staff also expressed their love and gratitude to the Principal through songs and a bouquet of flowers. As a Token of Love she was presented with a beautiful self portrait sketched by our talented Art teacher Mr Gurpreet and bouquets were offered by the representatives of the staff. At the end Sr.Veena thanked everyone for the meaningful program and gave her farewell message with some practical advice to the teachers. An elaborate vote of thanks marked the conclusion of the program. Everyone shared a joyous tea party in the company of the outgoing Principal Sr Veena.